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Can I switch off paper invoices once I'm registered for FedEx Billing Online?

Yes, you can switch off paper invoices, but before you do this you need to be registered for FedEx® Billing Online which allows you to receive your invoices electronically and never receive a paper version again! These digitally-signed invoices are exactly the same as paper invoices but with the following added benefits:

  • View invoices, credit notes and shipment details online
  • We notify you as soon as they're ready.
  • Download, save or print eInvoices as PDF, XML, XLS or CSV
  • Data available for 180 days after eInvoice was paid
  • Easily dispute shipment charges
  • Manage several accounts under a single user ID

Getting Started:

Register now to experience the easiest way to manage your FedEx invoices and reduce your paper footprint at:

If you are already registered for FedEx® Billing Online activate eInvoicing now and go paperless.

To do this simply follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your FBO (FedEx Billing Online) account
2. Select "My Options",  "Manage Account Settings"and then select "Change Billing Medium" to the "Electronic Only" option.
3. Click confirm "Change Billing Medium as "Electronic Only"

Alternatively go to and within the section "Existing Users" see our full step by step instructions.

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