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Why have you not cleared my shipment to IPR?

In the UK goods for repair, recalibration or repackaging can be imported Duty and VAT free if cleared under IPR Suspension (IPR-Inward Processing Relief). This is where customs charges made can be reclaimed by the importer on re-export from the UK.

The rules for Inward Processing Relief (IPR) were amended by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on the 3rd May 2016 to reflect changes under the Union Customs Code. Due to the new rules FedEx Express no longer offer simplified IPR clearance (also known as IPR authorization by declaration or CPC's 5100001 and 5100003). We can only offer Authorized IPR clearance.

Amendments to customs entry

If you believe that your shipment has been Customs cleared incorrectly FedEx can amend a Customs entry to Authorized IPR, only if the request has been made within 3 months of the shipment entry date on the customs paperwork.

If you are a VAT registered trader, then the VAT will need to be reclaimed back via your C79 document issued via the VAT office

If you are non VAT registered and would like an amendment to be made please send an email to detailing your amendment request. Please ensure you include your affected Air Waybill (AWB) tracking numbers and IPR authorization number, as the email will be printed and utilised as evidence when the entry amendment is submitted to Customs.

Please note an amendment fee of £53+ VAT will be levied for an entry amendment as this is not deemed a FedEx error.

For more information on Inward Processing Relief (IPR) please visit HMRC’s website

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