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Can I get a proof of delivery?

A proof of delivery containing a scanned signature (if the signature is available) can be easily retrieved on  All you'll need to do is enter your Air Waybill number.

Please note: the signature image and additional recipient information may not be available for display in all countries. This will be indicated on the signature proof of delivery letter where applicable.

Signature proof of delivery data availability:

Signature proof of delivery is available for up to 18 months for FedEx Express This includes the signature image and associated shipment information.

Multiple signature proof of delivery requests:

You can request up to 30 signature proof of delivery letters at once. Please note the fax option is not available for multiple Signature proof of delivery requests.

Summary signature proof of delivery

You can obtain a signature proof of delivery letter with summary information without providing the 9-digit FedEx shipper or payer account number. This letter will display limited shipment information such as the city, state/province, and country information for the shipper and recipient.

Detailed Signature proof of delivery

You can obtain a signature proof of delivery letter with detailed information by providing the 9-digit FedEx account number. If the account number matches the shipper or payer of the shipment, you will be able to view detailed signature proof of delivery information, which includes complete contact name, company name, street address, city, state/province, ZIP, and country information for both the shipper and recipient (if available).

No signature found

Even if no signature is available, you can still view/print, email and fax the available proof of delivery information. You can also check again later for the signature. If no signature is available after seven business days, please Contact us.

Please note that the signature may be unavailable if it was released (the sender or recipient signed a signature release agreement).

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