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Can I refuse to accept or reject an International Package?

As a customer you do have the right to refuse the delivery of your International package, this can be for a manner of reasons, damage, cancelled order, change of mind etc.

In this situation the FedEx Courier may request that you sign to confirm your refusal and will take the package back to the delivery depot whilst we make contact with your shipper to advise of your decision and request further instruction on if the shipment is to be returned or destroyed.

Please note that refusal of your shipment will not cancel any Duty and Tax invoice that has been issued following the importation of your package.

You will need to pay any Duties and Taxes due to FedEx (who paid the charges as the package entered the country) and process a claim directly with HM Revenue and Customs to reject your shipment.

For more guidance on how to process this claim please see our FAQ ‘How can I claim a Duty and Tax refund on my refused International Package?’

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