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What is a Deferment account?

A Deferment account provides an easy solution for your Customs duties and taxes.

When goods are imported into the United Kingdom, they may be subject to import sales tax and customs duties. These duties must be paid in full to the customs authorities at the time of import. Having a deferment account for your business can help to ensure your high-value shipments are cleared quickly, allowing you to work more efficiently while saving time and money.


You can apply for your business’ deferment account online here.


A deferment account means that no further credit checks, particularly those for high-value shipments, are required.

 With your own deferment account your goods can be cleared and delivered more quickly.


The applicable costs are payable on the 15th of the following month. This means that you receive an interest-free payment deferment of up to 45 days.

Advancement fees are no longer charged.

There is only one accounting procedure per month, no matter how many import shipments you have.

Find out more on setting up a deferment account.

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