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Does FedEx supply dry ice and exchange gel packs?

FedEx does not supply dry ice to prepare your shipments. However, FedEx offers On Demand Care (ODC) to provide intervention services such as dry ice replenishment and gel pack reconditioning/exchange, to protect the integrity of temperature-controlled shipments delayed in-transit.

This is a fee-based service for Express shipments (non-food items only) and the completion of service is subject to identification of shipment and facility availability.

To enable this service, you will need to contact customer services on 03456 07 08 09. A FedEx representative will send you a form to complete.

Once completed you will be given contact information for a senior advisor who can submit your request to our operations team; although in 99% of cases a top up is possible it is unfortunately not a guaranteed service that FedEx provides.


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