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What is the dangerous goods/dry ice surcharge?

FedEx Express offers a range of options for your shipments. Shipping dangerous goods will incur fees or surcharges and are applicable in the United Kingdom from 2 January 2017.


Dangerous Goods: Only available on Express Services.

FedEx Express Dangerous Goods services allow the shipping of regulated dangerous substances and materials including door-to-door delivery and customs clearance.


Applicable fee depends on the Dangerous Goods type:

  • Accessible Dangerous Goods (ADG): The content of package must be accessible during transit for security reasons.
  • Inaccessible Dangerous Goods (IDG): The content of package does not have to be accessed during transit and can be mixed with other freight.
  • Dry Ice (DI): In case a shipment contains both Dry Ice and Dangerous Goods, only the respective Dangerous Goods fee applies.



ADG: Parcel (IP): 50/shipment - Freight (IPF): 0.75/kg*

IDG: - Parcel (IP): 34/shipment - Freight (IPF): 0.50/kg*

DI: - Parcel (IP): 10/shipment - Freight (IPF): 0.20/kg*


Please refer to FedEx Express Conditions of Carriage and the Dangerous Goods section on for more information on Dangerous Goods and Dry Ice.


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