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What forms do I need to complete if importing my personal effects?

In the UK you can provide paperwork to FedEx prior to customs clearance, to allow personal effects to be imported free from Duty & VAT for the below scenarios. Please note FedEx do charge an ancillary fee for this type of specialised customs clearance service.

Left abroad being returned

FedEx only require travel details e.g. flight number & dates alongside confirmation goods were taken from the UK and not purchased abroad. An email with the details required needs to be sent to with your AWB tracking number in the subject field

Belonging to a person permanently moving to the UK(Transfer of Residence)

As long as your items have been owned for more than 6 months a Transfer of Residence form can be completed and emailed to or posted to

HM Revenue and Customs National Clearance

Hub Ralli Quays

3 Stanley Street


M60 9LA

HMRC will then provide you with a unique declaration authorization number. You will need to add this number to your commercial invoice paperwork/contact FedEx so we can place this upon your customs entry. 

Belonging to a foreign student attending college / University in the UK (Students)

Students will have to provide evidence of their place in the educational establishment (letter of acceptance) and the name and address of the establishment must be written in Box 44 of the customs declaration.  The letter of acceptance from school, college or university must include details of the course and must accompany the customs declaration.

To get the relief the student must be moving from a country outside the EU to the UK, to live in the UK whilst undertaking a period of full-time study (at least 12 months), thereby transferring their normal place of residence to the UK.

  • Included in the relief are school outfits, educational materials, related household effects and personal property belonging to pupils or students coming to stay in the UK for the purpose of full time study and intended for their personal use during the period of their studies.
  • The relief does not apply to, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, articles for use in the exercise of a trade or profession, other than portable instruments of the applied or liberal arts, goods you have not possessed or used in the last 6 months

Belonging to a temporary visitor to the UK 

FedEx require confirmation that all goods are for personal use only and not commercial use.  If the value of the shipment exceeds €10,000 Euros HMRC expect the Duty &/or VAT to be paid on a deposit basis. Once the goods are re-exported the customer can request a refund of the Duty & VAT deposit paid by writing to:

National TI section

Customs House

Furness Quay


MX50 3XN

Please Note all the above actions can only be completed before customs clearance has occurred. Should you require a post clearance entry amendment please contact us for further assistance.

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