Where can I see a history of my shipments?

FedEx Express shipments created in the last 90 days will be displayed within the FedEx Express shipping tool. You will be able to sort by shipments (by ship date, contact name, destination or tracking ID), search for keywords and get tracking results (this opens results directly in the Tracking app in a new tab).

Whether you can view your TNT shipping history depends on the tool you shipped with. If you used myTNT, you can continue to view your shipping history for up to 12 months after the account has been deactivated (you can only view shipments from the past 90 days). Please also note your shipping history won’t move over to FedEx Express, so please download this data if you need it.

If you use one of the TNT desktop applications, you won’t be able to view your shipping history once the tool has been uninstalled. However, shipments booked with desktop applications can still be viewed and/or downloaded from myTNT.

And if you use TNT manual consignment notes, you won’t be able to view your shipment history and it won’t be transferred to FedEx Express.

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