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Who are Controlaccount PLC?

Controlaccount PLC are a debt collection agency (3rd party vendor) appointed by FedEx Express. They will have accounts referred to them by FedEx Express when a customer has not paid an overdue invoice(s).

Controlaccount also manage any accounts that FedEx Express wishes to pursue through Legal / Court procedures.

Controlaccount currently collect on both UK and Irish customer debt.

If you receive any correspondence from Controlaccount it is strongly recommended that you make immediate contact with them as opposed to FedEx to ensure they are made aware of any reason(s) for non-payment or if you wish to raise an enquiry. This will ensure they update their customer profile accordingly and where applicable temporarily suspend further collection activity until the matter is resolved.

You can contact Controlaccount by using one of the following methods, quoting your Controlaccount reference number:




01527 386603

Write to: 

Controlaccount Plc

Compass House
Hanbury Road
B60 4FD

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