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How should textile garments be described for imports to the USA?

It is important that textile garments or articles of apparel are described accurately to gain appropriate tariff classification when being submitted for customs scrutiny. The key factors are:

1. Gender (age can play a factor here too, boy's or girl's garments may be eligible to taxrelief depending on market criteria - age limit or sizing)

2. Construction (Knitted, Crocheted or Woven)

3. The garment's common description (Shirt, Skirt, Trousers, Dress etc.)

4. What material the item is made of (including a breakout of its component fabrics by weight expressed in percent)

5. Country of Manufacture (MID code for the U.S. -commercial consignments valued above 2500 USD - recommended from 800 USD.Example: Ladies knitted jumper, 50% cashmere 40% Lambswool 10% cotton COO: DE(MID: DETEXDAM99MUN)MID code example: Country: GermanyName: Textil DamenAddress: 99 StrasseTown/City: Munster

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