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What should I consider when shipping personal gifts?

You can make sure your seasonal presents get to your customers, friends and family safely and on time this holiday season by taking just a few moments to read these handy shipping tips.

What’s a gift?

In most cases customs authorities treat as gifts all small relatively low-cost consignments sent from an individual to an individual, or from a company to an individual, intended solely for the personal use of the recipient.

However, there are many differences in the ways in which different countries:

Define what constitutes a genuine gift; grant duty- and tax-free exemptions;prohibit the importation of some commodities. Special rules apply in different countries.

Here are some examples:


The following is a summary of key requirements:

the maximum permitted value for gift consignments is set at a retail value of US$100 for each individual recipient per day; gift shipments must either be from an individual to an individual, or from a company to an individual, and every such shipment must be clearly identified as such;the following information needs to be included on accompanying invoices:

The complete name

Address and phone number of both the shipper and the consignee

A full description of the item(s)

Including whether they are home-made or shop-bought

Consolidated gift shipments must show the name of each individual receiving a gift, the nature of the gift item(s) concerned, and the value of each item.

For more information on how to ship gifts to the USA just click here.

UK : gifts must be sent from an individual to an individual.

Netherlands: plants, plant material and products of animal origin are prohibited.

Australia: all of the following are prohibited whenever included in gift hampers: pine cones, wooden ornaments that are manufactured from plant material, fresh fruit, items of meat origin or containing meat, items containing egg or dairy products, items of plant origin (e.g. decorations made from vine material, wreaths, flowers, potpourri, etc.), un-popped popcorn and nuts.

Philippines: all gift items which are subject to specific regulations require an import permit from the relevant agency concerned e.g. the gift of a mobile phone requires the issue of a specific permit from the Ministry of Telecommunications.

For questions about what exactly applies for your shipments, please contact Customer Service on 902 100 871

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