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I am sending a shipment back to the USA, what documents do I need?

In order for goods which originatedin the USA to be returned free from Customs Duty & the USA Merchandise Processing Fee , in line with USA Customs Border & Protections regulation19 CFR § 10.1(a). the following documentation should be completed if valued above the USA deminimis of $800:Air WaybillForeign Shippers Declaration - Effective 15/11/2016 the port of export & date of export must be completed on the form, as unknown is no longer accepted.Importers DeclarationCommercial Invoice - It's also helpful for the customer to state the correct 10 digit USA tariff starting 98010010 on theirCI & their AWB, the last 2 digits vary dependant on the reason for return.Manufacturer Affidavit - (Alaska only for shipments entering via Anchorage).In addition to the above if the goods entered the UK or Ireland under IPR or as aTemporary Import then the shipment must be exported under controls.

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