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How do I register for FedEx Billing Online (FBO)?

FedEx offer a free billing online service which allows you to manage FedEx accounts, shipments, and invoices. You may sort invoices by invoice number, type, activity, age, due date, currency or amount due. If you have multiple billing accounts, you may choose to consolidate accounts under a single user ID, allowing you to view all billing accounts within one login. You may also choose to manage each account separately with its own user ID. You can also invite additional users to view and act on invoices for your billing account.


Easy to use

Secure connection to FedEx


Improves efficiency

Eliminates excess paperwork

Streamlines account management


Manage multiple accounts separately or under one user ID 

Review your account activity online

Download invoices as PDF files 

Download invoice details in a CVS or XML data file
Request invoice adjustments

Create a dynamic remittance advice or bank slip for payment

Email notifications for new invoices, new credits, and past due invoices.

To register for FedEx Billing Online please apply at, to ensure proper access to your account information, FedEx Billing Online asks you to provide the invoice numbers of two invoices billed to your account within the last 60 days. If you are a new customer, or you do not have copies of recent invoices, you may still register for FedEx Billing Online by contacting FedEx Customer Services on 902 100 871.

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