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How can I make a payment for a FedEx Express Invoice?

You can make a payment to FedEx using the following methods:

Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT)

Transfer money from your bank to ours, exactly when you want. It’s the perfect option if you want to save time and simplify payment processing.

To make a payment by EFT please submit your payment to the following:

Account Name: Federal Express Europe Inc.
IBAN number: BE34737048659990

IMPORTANT: When making an EFT transfer please ensure you quote your invoice number or when paying multiple invoices include your customer number to ensure prompt and accurate allocation, alternatively send a remittance advice to:

Credit Card / Debit Card
We're pleased to accept payment by all major credit. We offer two options:

1) Link your card to your account for automated future payments or,

2) Pay your invoices online via FedEx Billing Online 

Important! Never send your card details by email or in any other written form either to FedEx or anyone else.

Please Call 02/752.75.75 for more information

Direct Debit

Paying by Direct Debit is an easy and convenient way to service your FedEx account. For more information or a direct debit mandate form, you can call our customer service on 02/752.75.75.

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